Monday, July 16, 2012

Scheduling a Task in Windows

If you get in the middle of things during class time, and tend to forget that the bell is about to ring, or worse yet, students start packing up before they should, I found a great notification process in Windows to help. This is courtesy of Pinterest and

There is a video how to, but it is a little outdated. I have included simple step by step instructions. I plan to use this for each of my classes. The blogger also provides short clips of music, like Mission Impossible, Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Jeopardy Theme.
Here is my step by step guide:
How to create a scheduled task in Windows that plays music.
Press the “Start” button
Type “Task Scheduler”    A window should show up.
Click on “Create Basic Task”
Give your task a name. Description is optional.
Click “Next”
How often do you want the task to occur?
Click “Next”
What date and time do you want the task to start? How often to recur?
Click “Next”
Choose “Start a Program” and click “Next”
Browse for song you want to play. And click “Next”
This last page is to verify everything. Click “Finish”
You can now create more tasks. The song will play to the end. If you chose something from itunes, the next song will play after the task song.

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