Sunday, July 15, 2012

Made4Math #1 Toolbox Formulas

I found this wonderful blogger who started a challenge a few weeks ago. She noticed that elementary teachers had all of these great visuals and organizationtion skills, and she wanted to apply this to her high school math class. She started the Made4Math Mondays.

My Made4Math submission is inspired by some tutoring I did before our End of Course Exams for Algebra 1. We had students working on an online practice test, and they struggled when it came to a problem where a formula could be used. I found I kept saying "Use the right tool for the job." When I get back to school and have access to the butcher paper, I will making these much larger.

These are the rough sketches. I will have a toolbox at the top, and each time we cover a new concept (or review one).



  1. These are so cute! Awesome job on your first #made4math project!

  2. Great job! The posters are really cool...maybe you could have students post work underneath each poster to show sample questions that pertain to each one!

  3. Super idea! I always say, "Add this to your toolbox of knowledge," so creating a collection of visuals would be even better, especially for my ESL kiddos. Thanks for sharing!