Monday, August 6, 2012

Made4Math Monday - Magnetic Dry Erase Sentence Strips

This Made4 project has been in my head for two weeks, and I am finally able to post completed! I have two white boards in my classroom, and I feel as if I am always looking for more room to write things (I do have 2 magnetic chalkboards, but don't like chalk).

I came across these Wipe Off Sentence Strips last year (Staples maybe?) and didn't really do anything with them. We are required to have a word wall, so towards the end of the year, I was using them for vocabubulary.

Then I found these magnetic strips at Walmart for about $1.

There are 6 strips to a page, and 3 pages. I cut the pages in half.

Then I attached the magnetic strips to the back of the sentence strips.

For my final product, you get to see my fridge. Hubby didn't want to hang around school (I have no idea why, it's only the coolest place to be!)

So, what are my plans for this? Well, here goes:

Thinking Maps - Tree Map
Steps in solving equations
System of Equations
Word Wall
......(any other ideas?)

I had a classroom that had a soft wall (to make 2 classrooms into 1) and you could put velcro on the back if you have that option in your classroom.


  1. Awesome! You could do all kinds of goodness with those. What about a strip per step of a problem?


  2. If your chalkboards/whiteboards are magnetic, then you could write an equation per strips, post them around the room and let the kids work at the board to solve? Then they could either rotate or exchange strips with another group. I also like the Word Wall idea. Wonder if you could make more of these with the whiteboard type posterboard... Hmmm, I might have to try myself!

  3. I tweeted this link to you but wanted to make sure you had it for reference...

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